Made with small detail

We are’nt great producers. We want to be in all the development , everything has it’s own identity.

Exceptional quality

We work with a small group of producer that take very much care of their materials and offer us a high quality material to make our designs

Handmade product

Handmade product for us and for the espardenyes we have a small support group.

Exclusive Designs

Our Ideas


Encarnis Tomero was born in 1996 in Valencia- Spain and has thrived there ever since.

It is a small family business.

Their production of shoes, clothes and accessories reflects awareness of the world around us and traditional craftsmanship.

Their own brand is characterised by a very personal, unmistakable identity that exist independently of market trends.

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Clients appreciate them for their deceptively simple designs which enhance body contour, thanks to their creation, production, printing and unique and idiosyncratic colour combination.

espardenyes designed by them.


Address: Av María Cristina, 11, 46001 València, Valencia
Tel : 96 352 75 59
Email : info [at]

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